House of Carts is the most active and most successful resell community alive. We'll increase your resale profits!

  • Speedy Monitors

    Never miss a drop or restock. We have you covered with fast monitors for sites such as Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Shopify, Off---White, Mesh, Solebox, SNS and much more!

  • Scripts and Tools

    Enjoy exclusive in-house scripts and discord bots which ranges from an eBay view generator, to a StockX and GOAT command price checker, to raffle scripts and more. 

  • Support

    We welcome anyone. Our dedicated support team are around 24/7 to help you anyway they can. Whether you're brand new to the game or experienced, we're here to help you.

  • Proxy Providors

    Benefit with discounted proxies from our in-house proxy partners. We also have a number of giveaways and group buys with members only.

  • Trusted Partner

    Having been in the community for over 3 years, we have a strong connection throughout and regularly work established companies to supply our members with exclusive bot group buys. 

  • Early Information

    Be ahead of the game with early information supplied around the clock. We supply site lists for the most hyped items, we also provide a weekly supreme resell prediction post and keywords. Never be in the dark about a drop.

Check out our packages!

1-Month Discord Subscription

1-Month Discord Subscription

Regular price $50.00

3-Month Discord Subscription

3-Month Discord Subscription

Sale price $130.00 Regular price $150.00


What do we do?

We are a community of experienced resellers. Our main goal is to help you improve your profits from reselling sneakers, clothing and more. Basically, anything where profit is to be made we will make you aware of. 

What are the differences between our packages?

Depending on what package you are looking for, whether it be our 1-month renewal full access package - you will have full access to our premium discord server. If you would rather extend your membership, we offer a 3-month version at a discounted rate. We also offer a 1-month monitor only package where you will not expereince the full benefit of the discord but would take advantage of our monitors. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Should you have second thoughts, you are not tied in to any contracts or any automatic rolling subscriptions from your initial purchase from this site. Once your time is up, you control whether you want to stay or leave. We do not offer refunds once a package has been purchased, due to this being a digital product which is delivered through email. If you would like to read further into this please check our refund policy.


This website supports shopify promotion codes that take a percentage off of your final value. They are limited to one per order.


The fastest way to reach out for support or assistance is through our twitter (@housecarts) or by emailing us at or 

Mailing info: 

House of Carts

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